250px-Warren Worthington III (Earth-10005)-1-
Real Name Warren Worthington III
Current Alias Angel
Gender Male
Species Mutant
Alignment Good
Relatives Warren Worthington II (father)
Affiliation X-Men
Location X-Mansion
Status Alive
First appearance X-Men: The Last Stand
Last appearance X-Men: The Last Stand
Portrayed by Ben Foster
Caydon Boyd (young)


X-Men: The Last StandEdit

Warren Worthington III is a mutant who has a pair of white fledged wings, which come out his back. As a boy, he attempted to cut off his wings.

As a young man in his early twenties, his rich industrialist father was motivated by his son's mutation to create a "cure" for mutants. Warren fled before he could be stripped of his powers and went to the X-Men for help. When Alcatraz Island fell under attack of the Brotherhood of Mutants, Warren's father was captured by Psylocke, Arclight and Quill. They threw him off the roof, but Warren arrived in time to save him.

Warren was last seen flying over a park where the depowered Magneto was attempting to mover a metal chess piece. It is assumed that he remained at the X-mansion but it is unknown if he became a member of the X-men.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


He has a pair of big white fledged wings, which come out his back. With them, he can fly at various speeds with good control.



His wings