Noburo Mori
Norubo Mori-1-
Real Name Noburo Mori
Gender Male
Species Human
Alignment Bad
Location Tokyo
Status Alive
First appearance The Wolverine
Last appearance The Wolverine
Portrayed by Brian Tee


The WolverineEdit

Noburo Mori was part of the Yashida business empire and a faithful retainer to Shingen Yashida. Always ready to do Shingen's bidding, he had elevated himself to the point where Shingen had arranged a marriage between Noburo and Shingen's daughter Mariko.

Noburo's hopes to marry into the Yashida empire were dashed when Yakuza thugs, whom Noburo had been in league with, missed their chance to kidnap Mariko at the funeral of her grandfather. This had been a plot of Shingen's, and its failure greatly displeased the man, and Noburo soon found himself charged with the mission to recapture her.

Noburo managed to uncover the direction that Mariko and Logan had taken, and dispatched more Yakuza thugs to find them. After their success in recapturing Mariko, he was surprised by the sudden appearance of Logan and Yukio in his suite. Logan interrogated Noburo for Mariko's whereabouts, and then ended the interrogation by throwing him out the upper floor window. Noburo was fortunate that his fall landed him in a swimming pool below.



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