200px-Quill (Earth-10005) 0001-1-
Real Name Maxwell Jordan
Current Alias Quill
Aliases Kid Omega
Gender Male
Species Mutant
Alignment Bad
Occupation Terrorist
Affiliation Brotherhood of Mutants, Omega Gang
Status Deceased
First appearance X-Men: The Last Stand
Last appearance X-Men: The Last Stand
Portrayed by Ken Leung


X-Men: The Last StandEdit

Quill was a mutant with the ability to sprout porcupine-like quills from his body and use them as high speed projectiles which could kill his enemies at will. He was a member of the Omega Gang, a group of mutant outcasts based in an underground network in the United States. Quill had his hair cut in the back to look like the Omega Gang symbol.

After the mutant cure was created, The Omega Muties allied with The Brotherhood of Mutants. He eventually killed Dr. Kavita Rao and almost killed Dr. Worthington, who was saved by his son Warren instead. Quill was killed along with Arclight and Psylocke on Alcatraz Island by Jean Grey's disintegration wave.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Quill Production: Quill was able to sprout porcupine-like quills from his body, most notably his entire face and head



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