Emma Silverfox
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Real Name Emma Silverfox
Aliases Kayla's Sister
Gender Female
Species Mutant
Alignment Good
Relatives Kayla Silverfox (sister)
Occupation former Xavier Institute student
Affiliation formerly X-Men
Location X-Mansion
Status Alive
First appearance X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Last appearance X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Portrayed by Tahyna Tozzi


X-Men Origins: WolverineEdit

Emma is the sister of Kayla Silverfox. At least fifteen years before Wolverine joined the X-Men, she was captured by Colonel William Stryker as one of his mutant test subjects. Stryker blackmailed Kayla into faking her death at the hands of Sabretooth as part of a plot to manipulate Wolverine into having his skeleton bonded to adamantium. During his hunt for revenge on Sabretooth, Logan uncovered the plot. He and Kayla freed the mutant prisoners, including Emma, but Kayla was killed by Stryker. Emma was among the mutants led by Scott Summers to Professor X, who promised to provide them sanctuary at his school.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Organic Diamond Transformation: Ability to turn her body into solid diamond.