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Brotherhood of Mutants
Official Name Brotherhood of Mutants
Team Aliases The Brotherhood
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Alignment Bad
Location Unknown Island
Unknown Forest
Status Defunct
Known Members see below
Enemies X-Men
First appearance X-Men (film)

The Brotherhood of Mutants was created by the mutants Magneto and Mystique in direct opposition to their old friend Charles Xavier's X-Men. Whereas Xavier sought for a peaceful co-existence between mutants and humans, Magneto's beliefs (influenced by his imprisonment and the death of his family in a Nazi concentration camp) were that humans would never accept mutants as equals and would turn on them, lashing out in anger and fear just as the Nazis had done. His solution was that if humans could not accept them into their society then they would create their own. Thus, the Brotherhood was born.

Brotherhood of Mutants


Known Members





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