Black Clan
Official Name Black Clan
Alignment Neutral
Location Japan
Status Unknown
Known Members see below
Allies Yashida Zaibatsu, Mariko Yashida
Enemies Noburo Mori, Yakuza, Wolverine
First appearance The Wolverine
Last appearance The Wolverine

The Black Clan is a clan of ninjas that has been sworn to serve the Yashida family for seven centuries. They came into conflict with the Yashidas when Shingen Yashida had his own daughter Mariko captured and forcibly brought before him. Harada, the Black Clan leader, had strong ties with both Shingen's grandfather and daughter however, and chose to lead the clan against Shingen to rescue Mariko. They were later instrumental in capturing Logan, otherwise known as the Wolverine, using a multitude of barbed arrows with thin rope lines to restrain him.

The clan's fate remains unknown after the ascension of Mariko to the leadership of the Yashida family, however if the group continued to exist then their loyalty will have transferred to her.

Black ClanEdit

Known MembersEdit





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